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3rd June 2013
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The kitchen is no longer a small serviceable space. It has become the place where we spend much of our time.

Whether planning to renovate or extend your kitchen, each design by Callaghan Interiors in Hampton Hill is individual. Should you have a specific plan, or be unsure of where to start their spacious showroom is where your thoughts will come together.

Explore the many styles and finishes. See how quirky yet practical accessories add a personal touch. And then enjoy a relaxed consultation, over fresh coffee.

Kitchen Designer Robert Crawford has a few tips on where to start.

Plan early

“You can never be to early in planning your kitchen. It can often take more than one meeting to get it just right and allows for any changes that could make a huge difference to what will fit in your kitchen.”


“Think about how your life functions. What storage do you need? How you cook, where you sit as a family - and still have a clean tidy kitchen?”

Personal style

“The same kitchen layout can look radically different depending on how its styled. Ultra modern high gloss or traditional hand-painted shaker, work surfaces and state of the art appliances will create different results.”

Callaghan Interiors celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2013 – a reflection of its popularity and reputation for transforming the ‘utilitarian’ into the desired living space.

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