Google Glass - wearable computing. Would you do it?
24th May 2013
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The onward march of the integration of computers into our lives continues. For anybody who hasn't heard of Google's latest innovation, Google Glass presents the user with a pair of spectacles that will give the user a heads-up feed of whatever they need to know.

But will people take to it? From first impressions, it does look a bit geeky wearing strange spectacles, and people have reported annoyed feelingsĀ of losing that eye to eye contact when someone checks their e-mail half-way through a conversation, but it's less intrusive than checking their mobile phone for e-mails whilst someone is talking to you.

From a small busines-owner perspective, it does bring home the need to be 'out there', to be listed and ranked with Google, on whatever medium comes next. And that's perhaps why they're doing it.

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