From Naples to Teddington with love at Canta Napoli
3rd June 2013
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The rumour is true! Celebrated Neapolitan pizza maker Felice has returned to Canta Napoli in Teddington. If you are yet to taste his astonishingly good pizza, then you’re missing out. He is joined by the charismatic Giovanni who has taken over the running of the busy restaurant floor.

Felice is the quintessential Neapolitan – full of life, resourceful and immensely proud of his food. He is also the creative pair of hands behind the comical dough characters outside the restaurant.

The famous pizza of Naples dates back to the 17th century. Loved by Italians, it is the most replicated pizza in the world. Yet it has its own unique character that can only be tasted in the end result. We asked the legendary Felice to explain how you can recognise an authentic Neapolitan pizza – in London!

The perfect dough

“Neapolitan pizza never uses chemical yeasts. Its lightness and crispiness of base relies upon how the dough maker uses his hands - kneading the dough over and over to obtain the right consistency before theatrically spinning it into the air. My technique has spanned generations and is enjoyed for its melt in the mouth result!”

Creamy mozzarella

“The long life shredded mozzarella most commonly used on pizza has no flavour. Neapolitan pizza uses Mozzarella di Bufala, fior di latte which is made with the top of fresh milk. Its natural creaminess and texture sets our pizzas apart. “

Flavoursome toppings

“Pizza should ooze fresh, uncomplicated flavours topping a Neapolitan tomato sauce. Wild Porcini Mushrooms are a Naples classic. Spicy Spianata Calabrese Sausage ignites a fiery palate, or just enjoy simple Prosciutto di Parma, Rocket and shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano.”

It is the culinary spirit of Naples that sets this relaxed restaurant apart from the chains. Run by husband and wife team Julia and Alfonso they just do the simple things really well. In true Italian style, their food is for family, lovers and friends. Order a half metre or metre pizza, split the toppings and share.

Alongside pizza, their pasta and A la Carte menus offer a tempting choice of Naples delights. The tradition of a Neapolitan Sunday Lunch has also been brought to the table - relax with family and friends over a 3 course feast with a glass of wine for just £20 per head.

But it is their pizza that gets the Neapolitan natives living in London talking as one discerning reviewer wrote “the best pizza this side of Naples”. Open from 11.30am to 10.30pm daily, pizza’s can be ordered to take out too.

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