Do you suffer from TV Hip?
5th June 2013
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When you watch TV, how do you sit? Are you sitting upright, lying on the sofa? Or is it a natural habit to cross your legs, or tuck your legs up and to one side? If you are doing the latter, then you could be prone to TV Hip.

This is a phrase I coined after seeing patients with pain and restriction problems around the hips, pelvis and lower back.

It’s such a simple thing, but habitual postures can have far reaching effects on the way we move and the sorts of joint problems that we can acquire further down the line.

How do you get TV Hip?

Sitting with your legs either tucked up / crossed to one side on the sofa. Ask yourself: Do I always tuck/ cross the same way? Which way is that?

Test yourself

Try sitting with your legs tucked up / crossed on the sofa the other way from your usual. How does it feel in your legs and in your back? Is it difficult? If so, you could have TV Hip.

How do you Fix It?

You can self treat by tucking /crossing / gently stretching the other way. But prevention is better than cure so for a thorough assessment see a physiotherapist.

If left untreated it could lead to problems, especially around the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip.

Research, Can you help?

I want to find out how prevalent TV Hip is. Check out the movie on YouTube tvHip physio expert or on our website and please contact me to discuss.

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