10 Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair and Make Up
25th June 2014
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When it comes to wedding hair and make up, there’s nothing that Michelle and Rachel at Bridal Hair and Beauty don’t know, having helped countless brides get it right on the day.

Not only is your wedding the biggest day of your life, but you’ll also treasure your wedding photos in years to come - so making sure you are happy with your look is vital.

We asked Michelle to share her top tips for getting ideas, avoiding the pitfalls and ensuring you look and feel confident on the day.

1. Good times: think back - what hair styles and make up have suited you in the past and made you feel confident? That would be a good starting point.

2. Bad times: think back - what ‘bad hair days’ have you had, what looks haven’t you liked? Knowing what to avoid is always good.

3. Facebook profile pictures: have a look through these for examples of where you feel you looked and felt good about yourself.

4. Be yourself: ideally you want to portray a polished version of you, whilst staying true to yourself. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not, you just won't feel confident.

5. All angles count: whatever style you opt for, look at it from a 360 degree angle. Some styles look great, but only from one angle - you’ll be seen and photographed from all angles, so take this into account.

6. Less is more: as with so many things, it’s often the simple styles that work best. Trying something quirky might be tempting, but could turn out to be a risky experiment for your big day.

7. Look at the whole: your hair and make up needs to be in keeping with the look and style of dress you’re wearing. Michelle and Rachel always help advise on what styles will ‘marry’ (excuse the pun!) with your overall look.

8. Test it first: if you're going to try anything new be it a new lipstick brand/shade or something more drastic like a new hair colour, don't leave it until the week before. Get used to it and know it really works for you and test the staying power of any new makeup.

9. Have a trial day: the more you prepare in advance, the more confident you’ll feel on the day. Time is of the essence on the wedding day, so having a relaxed trial session in advance will give you the time to get it right and make sure there’s no mishaps or delays when it really matters.

10. Take your time: spend enough time beforehand to get it just right for the day. The wedding pictures will last a lifetime, so it’s worth spending the time to get it right.

At Bridal Hair and Beauty, we take you through the whole process and give you our honest opinions and expert guidance. At your trial session, we’ll delve into what you like and dislike and together we’ll come up with the perfect style. If required, we’ll even help you go shopping for any hair accessories!

We’re fun, friendly and professional - you’ll enjoy the experience and feel so much more confident on the day. We want you to look amazing, feel confident and enjoy looking back on your wedding photos.

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