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Magician Collin Claus and his unique form of Street Magic, available for a complete range of events, from corporate functions and dinners to birthday parties and weddings, in the borough of Richmond "Magic to mess with your mind"

Magician Collin Claus of Street Magic, is a unique entertainer available for special occasions in the borough of Richmond, performing a style of "up close" magic that will both amaze and astonish guests.


Unique Magic Performance

Collin's image and fresh approach to magic have caused quite a stir in the world of corporate entertainment. With years of experience entertaining people his visual brand of street magic, using only everyday objects such as money, cards, spoons, rubber bands and cigarettes, continues to bewilder and astound everyone.

Street Magic is suitable for any event and venue that allows Collin to mingle and present his art at close proximity. His unique style makes him stand out in his field.

In keeping with his Street Magic style, Collin performs in smart black jeans and trademark black short-sleeve t-shirt, thus destroying the myth that objects vanishes up a magicians sleeve.

Street Magic avoids gimmicks and artificial props. Instead Collin uses everyday objects and psychological mind techniques to captivate and stagger his audiences.


Adding Magic To Any Occasion


Collin's magic turns almost any occasion into a truly memorable event, offering his services to:


  • Corporate functions
  • Product promotions
  • Launch parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthday or Dinner parties
  • ...and more.


He has performed this unique form of magic for some of the world's top companies at impressive venues including the after show party at the 2008 Brit Awards, Chicago for Richard Branson and HRH's party at Buckingham Palace.

In performance, emphasis is on the visually and physically impossible. Objects vanish, appear, change, bend, break or move without touch. Collin has found a way to move holes, cause metal to bend and engage his audience by playing some interesting mind games.

This really is "Magic to mess with your mind"


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