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Just wanted to say your Twickenham staff are fantastic. Customer service second to none on every visit.
Moore's Cycles in Twickenham were very helpful and knowledgeable. Good value too!
Moore's in Twickenham were very helpful and friendly, even put a Penny towards my inner tube!
I've bought four bikes there over the years and some parts. I don't go there very often but when I do, it's ALWAYS an enjoyable experience. Nice guys with lots of product knowledge.
Moore's are always friendly and helpful - making biking life a little easier!
Got to hand it to these guys they go the extra mile to look after their customers. Have been trying to test ride a particular 2013 ridgeback bike before buying one and no one in London had one in stock. Even called ridgeback hq who said the only way I could get to see one was to buy it! Evans told me they could get one in but I would have to pay fully upfront just to to get one to their store in kingston. Other stores wanted me to pay courier charges to get the bike into their store for me to try it! When I called Moores in Twickenham with my dilemma Scott said leave it with him and he would do his best to get a bike in for me to try. He didn't ask for a refundable deposit or courier charges and if I didn't like the bike there would be no commitment on my part to purchase it even though its not a bike they normally stock. The following day I received a call to say bike would be in the shop and ready to test ride within 3 days. Needless to say I bought the bike and it is terrific. Special mention to Ben and Scott for setting bike up on the Saturday. A friendly and professional service. Many thanks.
We really appreciate the straightfoward, friendly and knowledgable staff. We've had both our bikes serviced here in the past few weeks - charges were fair and clear and the bikes are a real joy to ride now!
What brilliant service we had from Anish in Moore's Cycles Teddington. He was well informed & knowledgeable on the bikes we were looking at & gave us the information we needed without being pushy. His good service meant we were able to make a quick decision on which bike was most suitable for my requirements. Also bought accessories which he was happy to demonstrate so again we could choose the right ones. Fantastic will definitely go there again & recommend to anyone looking to buy a new bike and accessories. All put together for me as well while I went off and had a coffee. Thank you Anish.
They are always very helpful and aim to please. I would recommend them to friends. Thank you for your good service.
Friendly and obliging service. Jobs are complicated quickly and promptly, but always with competence and skill. Reliable service - I would recommend. (Son and I use for two bikes).
Moore's Cycles provided really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly service.
No matter what your problem is the knowledgeable staff will try their best to help. Thanks to Akos, Tom W, both Bens and Marcus. I'll be coming back!
Easily the best bike shop in Twickenham. Extremely helpful staff.
Moore's have really helpful staff and great technical skill.
I've never known a bunch of blokes so helpful. I'm disabled and maintaining my trike is difficult, but whenever I bring it in, which is frequently, they fix it like new.
I just went in to ask about some clips for my gear cables and they were very friendly and helpful. Within 2minutes i had some zipties attached, fixing my problem for free and then some advice on my brakes. Very genuine, helpful and friendly. Great shop! Thanks very much!!
Fantastic service - Telephone and face to face Thank you to all the team Teresa (of numerous punctures) Looking forward to buying new bike next year from you.
I recently bought my fifth family bike at this shop. As usual the service was excellent and the staff willingly swapped various attachments, for example a bike computer, from one bike to another for no extra charge in labour. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – couldn’t ask for more. Allana S
Although i have bought my bicycle from halfords, i do as often as i can to Moore's because they're more accommodating, the young team is very friendly they never make you feel that your request is a burden, and they seem to give very unbiased advice.
We'd both thoroughly recommend Moore's in Twickenham. We've been in several times to buy bikes or ask for advice and every time, the staff have been well-informed and extremely helpful, as well as friendly, polite and courteous. They really know about bikes, what is in their stock, how to adjust things, what would suit the individual.<br> <br>They speak clearly (unusual nowadays, when most shop assistants gabble like idiots!), give you plenty of information to be able to make a choice, but without blinding you with science. They all seem to enjoy their jobs and work well as a team too. Full marks!<br> <br>Sue M and Chris A. April 2010.
I have used Moore's for many years and bought bikes there for myself, my wife and both my children. Service has always been efficient and friendly. What I particularly like is that, unlike some specialist shops, there is a real absence of "attitude". Whatever your level of interest in, or experience of, cycling, I believe you will always be made to feel welcome. They carry an excellent range of stock at keen prices as well.
I recently went here and asked for advice on buying a new bike. I now have my new bike and absolutely love it. I think the staff here are fantastic and really know their stuff, they are always very helpful and polite. I would definately go here again.
Phil, Tristan and JJ were all a great help when I picked up my bike after it's service. They were really helpful at helping me to fit lights to my bike (the lights could not go in the normal places and kept just pointing at the floor) so it was great to have someone who actually knew what they were doing.<br> <br>I had had a flat tyre, a bent back wheel and broken mud guards. The bike is now great to ride.
Excellent attentive and efficient service. Very helpful, polite staff. Good range of bikes and accessories and staff very knowedgeable.
Moore's Cycles provided an excellent service. They were so helpful.
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