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A few months before my birthday my dad registered me for a PADI open water diver course. I loved diving with London School of Diving and would recommend it to anyone. My first diving holiday is going to be at Sharm El Sheik. I am very excited.
I completed a PADI referral course at the London School of Diving last weekend. The course was excellent and I would like to compliment the instructor Andy Alfred for how the course was conducted. He ensured that all of us were able to practice the skils we felt we needed with additional training and he made the course interesting and enjoyable without neglecting the necessary theory.
To the fabulous instructors at London School of Diving.<br> <br>Myself and Kay wish to express our appreciation in the professional and friendly service you have maintained during our training for the PADI open water dive course. I can express in words the confidence, reassurance and self belief that they somehow gave us. The basic hand signals and even the cheeky games of "paper, scissors, rock", relaxed my state.<br> <br>I have utmost respect and gratitude for you both in helping me out in a task I found difficult. You talked me through, gave me confidence, and didnt leave the bloody cold water until I was competent.<br> <br>Kay and I look forward to having a lot more association with our instructors and everyone at the London School of Diving in the future. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Thank you so much for the trial dive. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I wouldnt had had such fun if you hadnt taken us for the lesson. I have completely overcome my fear of my lungs popping! When I first got in the water, I was absolutely terrified, but you were so calm and I think that had an effect on me, as the fear inside me decreased. I am probably going to have a diving party so, hopefully I look forward to seeing you there.<br> <br>Lots of love and thank you again.
I wanted to write and thank you on behalf of our Search and Rescue team for the recent EFR Primary and Secondary Care course with Care for children included.<br> <br> I have already received a great deal of positive feedback from the other delegates of the course who found it both very informative as well as great fun. I particularly enjoyed the scenarios included in the course which were very realistic and a great way of learning the practical skills required to complete the course.<br> <br>I already have a few more people who have expressed an interest in doing the course and as soon as I have a few more delegates I will contact you to book it.<br> <br>Thanks once again and I look forward to doing more training of a similar sort with you in the not too distant future.
This is by far the best dive school in the UK. Great Facilities and great instructors. I loved my time there and would definitely go back. They do great trips abroad too and great weekends of diving in the UK. I cant say a bad word about London School of Diving!!
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