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Valerie's expertise is second to none. We had a terrible problem with ten tonnes of top soil delivered and spread into place in preparation for our brand new turfed lawn. Everything was great until it rained, and then massive puddles appeared all over the newly prepared soil - and a week later they were still there! Over the following weeks the whole area turned into a swamp. If you stepped foot anywhere on the new topsoil you would sink. We had never had any drainage problems before and all the surrounding gardens were bone dry. Obviously turf cannot be laid in such conditions and of couse the suppliers washed their hands of the situation. The cost of the soil and labour unloading it had been well over a thousand pounds. Enter Valerie, who told us exactly what we needed to do to remedy the problem and provided us with an expert report stating the soil was not fit for purpose. We wrote to our credit card company who promptly refunded all costs and 6 months later we have a beautiful lawn with not a puddle in sight! The fee we paid Valerie was worth every penny. Couldn't recommend enough!!
I’m a Garden Designer, and Valerie has worked with me before on the planting phase of one of my projects. She has a great understanding of plants and the challenges that site conditions can throw at them. This enables her to help her clients, whatever their skill level, to really get to grips with their garden and how to look after it.
Valerie has a wealth of knowledge about gardens and plants. She will advise you on the health of your individual plants and how to deal with any pests or growing problems. She will also advise on types of plants and shrubs to suit the aspect of your garden, its soil and its size. Valerie can help re-design your garden or make a new one - she is able to source plants at a great price and offer services to maintain and improve your garden. I would recommend Valerie for all your garden needs.
I have regained enjoyment of my garden thanks to Valerie. She shared her knowledge of plants and helped give my garden a proper shape. Valerie acknowledged my limited time for gardening and came up with a suitable planting solution. Valerie made sure I was left with the practical skills to continue her Action Plan. I will be asking Valerie back to help me sort out other areas of my garden.
Valerie provides more than sound garden advice and troubleshooting. She will also assist you in selecting the correct plants and provide help to ensure that plants thrive.
Like many London gardens, ours is little more than a match box. While we wanted to keep as much grass for our 2 small boys to play on, we also wanted the garden to feel pretty. Valerie suggested a vertical garden, with creeper type plants that grow up a trellis. She came up with a range of plants that would flower at different times of the year. We have absolutely loved our garden since.
Valerie came round and gave my garden a thorough review. She was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and is particularly hot on plant health and how to solve problems. I took lots of notes, and then had a very useful follow-up email with a detailed summary and further useful information. A great service.
Valerie came and helped me plan my garden and helped me to plant it up. She is extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with and i want her to come again and again.
I can’t tell you what a relief it was to meet Valerie, more commonly known as Auntie Planty. I am really potty about gardening and growing my own veg but constantly frustrated by my lack of knowledge on the horticultural front no matter how many books I read and TV programs I watch. I needed someone in the know to help me with my garden and plot. In a short time Auntie Planty resolved problems, showed me step by step how to do things, and moved things around for better results and visual impact. Sad looking plants really took off and suggestions like ‘have you thought about this or that plant for winter interest’ or ‘this plant looks sick you need to do……..’ You then receive a written document with all her suggestions listed. Valerie has come up with all the answers. She knows everything I don’t. Hurrah for Valerie and a big thank you.
Valerie came round to my garden to give me advice on how I could improve what I already have. She was extremely knowledgeable and full of excellent advice and hot tips. Her strength lies in the amazing knowledge and enthusiasm she has for her subject and her ability to teach you what you need to do yourself. It is like having an encyclopaedia at your elbow! After looking round my garden with me she went away and put together a written plan with links to bits of information and suggested planting schemes. I highly recommend Valerie for all your gardening queries and improvement needs.
I first used Valerie's services when we needed a garden makeover before we put our house up for sale. Valerie came up with some great ideas to make the most of the space, but without having to spend a fortune. She suggested the right plants for the right places and moved a few existing plants around to better positions. The garden was transformed and we quickly sold our house.
Valerie came to give me some advice and tips on the plants in my garden. She is a mine of information and went round the garden looking at each plant in turn and gave me advise on how to improve it's health (pruning, nutrients, pests) She is very knowledgeable and helpful and gave me lots of little tips. All this was followed up with a written summary that I continue to refer to. An exceptional service that gave me the confidence and inspiration to get gardening again. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Valerie helped us design our small London garden. She then helped us with decisions regarding grass, shed position and colour. She followed this up with help regarding the best plants, taking into consideration our preferences. She then bought them for us and planted them up. Besides her outstanding knowledge and expertise, sHe is such a pleasure to deal with and we love our garden. I would highly recommend her services. I R St Margarets
Very knowledgeable and practical advice on plant suitability and pests and diseases and a nice, warm personality. I learnt a lot and it was a great help in getting me started when I didn't know where to begin.
excellent service, i was tired of paying people to do my garden who then did not produce the result i wanted but did not have the knowledge of experience to do it myself - AP has removed me from the horns of that dilemma!
excellent service. for some time I have been tired to paying people to do my garden and then not liking what was being done but did not have the knowledge or experience to do it all on my own - AP has removed me from the horns of that dilemma.
Auntie Planty is great; she's a pleasure to deal with, provides sound, no-nonsense advice about plant care and is good on design, too. Her gift voucher scheme is really clever - it's the perfect, practical gift for anyone who cares about their garden and needs the odd boost of advice.
Valerie doesn't just give great garden advice, she is an amazing plant detective! If my plants could hug her for giving them a new lease of life, as I learn how to care properly for them, and what to feed them, they would. She is an incredibly experienced, uber qualified, wonderful lady to have in your garden with you.
Valerie helped me turn a bramble patch into a lawn! We worked together and she gave me tips and advice that made much more sense than just reading from books or TV. Plus her follow up helped me see the job through and achieve results. if you haven't had a kind knowledgeable gardener in your family, Valerie is the ideal person.
Valerie's plant knowledge is extensive, as is her knowledge of pests and diseases. All it takes is for her to walk around your garden once and you will be given invaluable advice on plant issues you never knew you had, plus solutions for the issues you did know about. Valerie is every garden's best friend and the most cost effective specialist you could ask to help your garden grow.
Valerie visited my garden and gave me expert advice and suggestions. I now take better care of my plants. I liked her friendly approach, I appreciated her expertise and the garden is the better for her recommendations. I've also heard her doing the same for another very different garden with many established trees and bushes and her knowledge is impressive. The best I know.
Super person to deal with - years of experience and happy to help beginbers. Auntie Planty's enthusiasm is infectious
I haven’t got a garden! but lots and lots of plants outside my ground floor flat. They were so desperately needed help! with Valerie’s help we cleared out all dead plants and arranged a recovery area for much needed plants! It felt great to be involved so inspiring and satisfying I really enjoyed my afternoon. I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for Auntie Planty’s energy and knowledge. Can’t wait for her to come back with more of her fantastic ideas. Thank you Auntie Planty :-)
Valerie has opened up a whole new world to me.. That may sound extreme but I really mean it. I have a garden and while loving it had very little idea of what to do in it or the confidence to do it. Friends noticed this and gave me a voucher for some lessons with Valerie. She is fantastic - so knowledgeable yet totally unthreatening and practical. I am now totally hooked on gardening thanks to Valerie. Aside from the above she is really fun to be around so I can't recommend her more highly.
Thank you so much for your amazing advice and assistance. We were very lucky to meet you, and look forward to your next visit.
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