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I used Christine from Admin Ambulance to helpme de-clutter my office. I was amazed by the results and how she worked so thoroughly and everything now has its place. She even sorted my pen pot and stationery drawer! I feel like my sinuses are unblocked and my office is like a breath of fresh mountain air! Couldn't recommend her more highly. Carole Ann Rice - Life Coach and Author
Christine at Admin Ambulance is an absolute star! She provides admin and bookkeeping services for The Best of Richmond and is totally reliable, trustworthy and diligent. I highly recommend her services to any business that needs a helping hand or regular support - I couldn't manage without her!
As editor of the local magazine Living In Richmond & Kew I know the magazine could not have grown so quickly or become so successful without the constant help and support of Christine at Admin Ambulance. She set up Quickbooks for me, deals with all my invoicing and sends out payment reminders to those who need it, leaving me the time I need to deal with running an expanding magazine. She is an important part of my freelance team and I happily depend on her great skills and patience!
After the wettest summer in ages, Reliable Roofer were so busy the last thing on our minds was the filing and database management. One call to Christine at Admin Ambulance and she was round in a flash. Christine was amazing - and I can see my desk again! In just one day she brought me up to date - and no need to take on extra staff, as she can come in whenever I am really busy. We are now using Christineʼs services every month to keep us on track. I would not hesitate to recommend Admin Ambulance to anyone who feels overwhelmed by paperwork. Truly and exceptional service from an amazing lady.
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