Is it YOU the business owner who needs to change to enable your business to improve its profitability?
15th August 2011
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How are you going to change for the better?

Chris Olchawski  Business Growth Advisor, discusses what a business owner needs to do to move their business forward to greater profitability.

I am not sure who it was said that a definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Many small businesses reflect the personality of the owner, after all we are probably in that business because we like the industry and are good at whatever it is we do. This is not necessarily the same as turning a hobby into a business, but we are drawn to those things that we enjoy and the prospect of doing something you hate for the rest of your life is not going to motivate many of us to start a business doing that very same thing. Of course escaping the prospect of doing something you do not enjoy for the rest of your life can be the thing that kick starts us into self employment.

But running and developing your own business demands different skills and talents’ as things move on. It can be that the determination and self reliance that gets you started is less useful in the later stages when you become more dependent on staff and suppliers or the bank manager.

When you think about it the biggest changes we need to make in our business is us!

We have to spend more and more time explaining things to people, we become more reliant on others to do their job properly, we spend less time “doing the business”.

If you are running a business and you are not getting the results you want (or deserve) then the chances are that it is YOU that needs to change! It is your business so who else is going to do it for you?

If you are happy with things continuing the way they are leave well alone. But if you want to grow or develop profits, sales or lifestyle then something has to change. Having some help is no disgrace, Alan Sugar clearly is not afraid to use other people with different skills. You probably use an accountant, and you probably do not fly the plane when you go on holiday.
You have achieved a lot in starting your business, although it may not feel like it, and you have some great skills (or you would not still be in business) But you now need to do something differently, in order to achieve the dreams and ambitions you had when you set out.
So my question is “what are you going to do differently”  Or are you happy with things as they are?

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