Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stove Buyers Guide
6th July 2012
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Over the last 4-5 years there has been a large increase in the number of stoves that are being installed in homes across the UK. This has been due to the constant rises in energy prices & peoples desire to be more environmentally friendly.


Stoves provide a great alternative to gas and electric heating, and nothing beats the feeling of a real fire but there are a few questions worth asking before choosing your stove.


Can I have a stove if I don’t have a chimney?


YES! Even if you don’t have a chimney you can still have a stove, a twin wall flue system can be constructed and often with new builds this is cheaper than having a brick chimney built. This is also a good option if you would like a stove in a conservatory, extension or summerhouse.


Can I burn wood in a smoke controlled area?


YES! Most of Nottingham has been declared a smoke control zone by the local authority this means that you can only burn wood if your stove has been approved by DEFRA. Always check that the stove your buying is suitable for your area. Most stoves have a DEFRA approved version or a “smoke control kit” that can be fitted; however these often cost slightly more so be aware. We offer a free smoke control kit with all Stovax stoves.


Can I have any size stove I want?


NO! A good retailer should size your stove correctly for the room and your requirements. In most homes in Nottingham a 5kw stove is more than enough, people are always amazed at how much heat they deliver!

Any stove bigger than 5kw requires an air vent to be fitted in the room.

It’s a good idea to measure your room before you start looking for a stove so that the retailer can calculate the correct heat output for your room.


Will my chimney need lining?


MAYBE! This depends on the age/condition of your chimney.

If your chimneystack looks in good condition and it passes a “smoke test” then you don’t have to have it lined. Lining a chimney makes the stove work more efficiently and is often recommended on some of the premium ranges but it puts a life span of 10-20years on your flue. It’s important to consider the pros/cons before lining. A good retailer will advise you on the best option for your situation rather than a simple yes/no answer.


Should I seek advise from a HETAS Approved retailer?


YES! The HETAS Approved retailer scheme was designed so that retailer’s showroom staff can offer the correct advise in store as well as the fitters on site. Lots of retailers sub-contract work out to HETAS registered installers without being an approved retailer. This means that they will often size stoves incorrectly (usually larger than needed) or insist on lining when it is not required.


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