Are you based in an old building? What about this for a new angle?
11th August 2011
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Is your business based in an old building? Or a building in a historic area? How would you like a new angle for a press release, or something to show clients whilst they are at your premises?

If the answer is yes, then you need to speak to Gill Blanchard of Past Search.

Gill is an expert in house history and local history, being highly qualified and exceptionally experienced in the field.

Marketing works best when you have a story to tell. People remember stories.

Knowing the local history around your business, or the premises in which it is based, can give you an unusual story to tell - it's a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, something different to use in your PR and it can benefit your standing in the local community.

Unless you are an international or an online business, most businesses promote themselves best within their local community.

Gill can produce professional reports, including old photos and deeds, which are perfect for display. She can even arrange to print a professionally produced book if that is what you want.

We ran a networking event at Caistor Hall last year and asked Gill to do some research on Caistor Hall for the purpose of the event. What surprised us was the interest that this generated. Some of the people who came to the event do not usually do business networking. They came because of the huge interest in this subject, and the event was a great success.

Could your business could tap into this?


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