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Then pen you use probably won't actually lose you business – but every decision you make adds up to the impression that clients make of you. Here's some stories that persuaded me that even the little things are worth thinking about.
Loyalty is a quickly-shifting thing. By taking a role in customers' own stories, you can increase your chances of keeping customers - or even winning them away from the competition.
Blogging can be a quick bit of exposing your secret life for the public, or it can be a meaningful and lasting revelation that helps us grow. Since both kinds fall under the term ‘blog,’ let’s look at what will best help your business.
Be careful trying to look bigger than your company really is - you're giving up one of your best advantages you have over the competition. Here are four easy stories to get you started.
Personal and professional
Personal and professional
Professionalism and the personal touch aren’t opposites – you’ve got to do both, and make customers know and feel like working with you is the right thing to do.
Not ready to do storytelling in your business? Stories are being told at full power, with or without your consent. Here's how to start getting a handle on them so they work to your advantage.
Start with a Story
Start with a Story
Stories are the best way to get people's attention in business communications. Here's why I always start with a story of when something went wrong.
Changing Career, Empty Nest?
Changing Career, Empty Nest?
September often brings the winds of change, and whether you have started to think about a new career, or it's time to tidy your home, our clients have many ways to help.
Computer running slow? Worried about a virus? Does your PC need repair? In Norwich there are a number of businesses offering this service, but how do you know which one to call?
Here's another instalment of our blog "A week in the life of" Gary Cockaday - MD of 4Sports Group in Norfolk. Suppliers of Trophies, Sports team kits, Workwear and Promotional Gifts.
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