Changing Career, Empty Nest?
16th September 2013
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So, September is a month of change - children have returned to school or college, you may have returned to work after a lovely holiday and started to ponder your career, or you may even be thinking about Chrismas, who knows?

Our canny clients, however, have come up with some ideas to help you.


We feature a number of business and life coaches on The Best of Norwich.  A good coach will ask the right questions to get you thinking about where you are going, and how you can get there. Our Coaches all have different areas of expertise and different personalities. As coaching is such a personal subject it is important that you get on well with the person who you choose to work with.

Our business features will help you make up your mind - you can see photos, read feedback from other clients, read their blog, and some even have a special offer.

Here is a list of our recommended life coaches, and here is a list of our recommended business coaches.


If you are thinking in terms of your career, then Richard Maun has published a career coaching book called "Riding the Rocket". This is his Sixth book published by Marshall Cavendish and this time it is accompanied by an ebook - "Building the Rocket". At only 98p, this ebook is a perfect guide to building and managing your career.

Richard's other books may also come in handy if your mind is wandering away from your current job. His best-selling Job Hunting 3.0 is still riding high in the charts, with rave reviews, and you may also appreciate Bouncing Back, How to Keep Your Job, My Boss is a B@stard, and Leave the B@stards Behind: an Insider's Guide To Working For Yourself. All of these titles can be found on Richard's Amazon author page.



Now, whilst we are on the topic of decluttering your personal life or career, here is something that you may not have thought about previously, but could be so useful: a professional de-clutterer.

Do you have a cupboard or room in the house where you hide everything that has no home? Is your office a mess? Do you need to organise your computer systems a little better?

Cassie from Working Order is the person for you.

Cassie is a "de-clutterer" or, as some put it, she deals with "stuff management".

Cassie has a special offer running until the end of September - two hours of her time for just £50.

What could she help you with in two hours?

She could go through your house or office and find opportunities to improve storage, shelving, furniture placing, sourcing appropriate items online where necessary and creating your shopping list if needed.
She could help you declutter that cupboard, that set of drawers, that wardrobe you can't face
She could spend time with you at your computer, finding easy ways to achieve regular tasks, or helping you find faster, more elegant ways to do things.
She could look at ways in which you might streamline your diary and contacts.
You could work with her on your use of social media, learning how to control Twitter and Facebook, rather than letting it control you.

The offer is for work booked by 30th September, and performed by 31st October, 2013.
Travel expenses are charged at 45p per mile, meaning that this offer is probably best for people within 15 miles of Cassie's office. (see attached)
The offer cannot be combined with any other special offers (e.g. the Taster session).

Cassie has achieved some stunning results with clients:

"When Cassie arrived I assumed that we'd just tackle my mountain of paperwork. But, mysteriously, we started in my laundry room. However, by the end of the day, my entire life was back in order, not just the desk. I could actually read a book without feeling guilty! She is a very good listener, and suggests strategies in ways that are non-judgmental, very logical and easy to maintain. She balanced professionalism and friendliness perfectly. She was terrific."

"Cassie is a fantastic declutterer and is able to quickly sum up the situation and make an achievable plan using things you already have. Then she rolls up her sleeves and helps you and I mean really helps, both practically and motivationally .She is sensitive and funny and never 'makes you ' throw things out or makes judgements on your sentimental ' treasures' but somehow gives you the confidence to make your own decisions about throwing things out."

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