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Save NI Coast Guard
Save NI Coast Guard
Help us to stop the propsed reduction of eighteen Maritime Resue Coordination Centres down to eight!
There's no doubt that we're all feeling the pinch at the moment, although according to figures released this morning, inflation has peaked and will be dropping - along with interest rates hopefully - fairly quickly over the coming months. In the mean
I just don't know how many billions of pounds, euros and dollars our governments will have to throw at the financial institutions to get us out form under the credit crunch. Seems like it's here to stay for a while. Which is why I hope you will join
It's no way to say goodbye
It's no way to say goodbye
So we say goodbye to Ratz restaurant as the owner disappears with only a text message to his staff to say goodbye - and by the way, you've lost your job! Yes, it's true. Ralph McNally, owner of Ratz, has closed his doors after 10 years and isn't to b
So I'm sitting in the back seat of a taxi in Belfast and realised exactly why they call it a 'taxi rank' - this was one rank car. Not only was the back of the car messy, but the smell of cigarette smoke from either the driver or a recent passenger wa
With over 200 people in Northern Ireland awaiting organ transplants and 700 throughout GB, maybe it is time for us to accept that there is a better way for us to tackle organ donations. At the moment, only those of us who carry an organ donor card ar
Believe it or not we raise over 900 million animals for our personal consumption in Britain and Ireland every year. So it seems only right that we consider animal welfare when choosing what we will eat. At a time when food prices are rising it's all
I treated the present Mrs Walker to dinner last night at the Back Street Bistro in Holborn Avenue. It was her birthday , afte all. We had a great evening (and not a bad deal with dinner for two coming in at £24.95 between 5-7pm Monday to Friday) and
Saving money in North Down
Saving money in North Down
We're all looking for great ways to save money in these challenging times. The best way to do it locally is to have a look at some of the best businesses in the Borough to be found here on the Best of North Down website. But there are other opportunitie
I'm pretty exasperated with our politicians who won't sit down round a table and sort out the important issues that have to be dealt with. Like the economy, perhaps, fuel poverty and the shambles that is the handling of the transfer test. My daughter
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