Every cloud has a silver lining
14th October 2008
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There's no doubt that we're all feeling the pinch at the moment, although according to figures released this morning, inflation has peaked and will be dropping - along with interest rates hopefully - fairly quickly over the coming months.

In the meanwhile, I thought we might try to find some silver lining to this economic cloud. Here are some thoughts on the good bits - let's hear yours:

Petrol prices are dropping along with the price of cars, so now is a good time to scour the forecourts for a great bargain. But the better news is that we will probably stay closer to home for our shopping so our local shop-keepers will get a boost.

The number of us growing our own vegetables is set to rocket - so get your wellies ready for some work.

Past economic downturns have thrown up some great new bands and new trends so keep your eyes open for what's in and what's out.

The folks in Holywood (that's California) get to work on some super feel-good movies to get our minds of the daily hum-drum. Alongside that, reality television will be a thing of the past, hurrah!

Cycling gets a boost and we all get healthier. Likewise, walking will be more popular.

Families get together more and make their own entertainment and even teenagers hang around the house more (but perhaps that's a mixed blessing!).

Feel free to add your own silver linings.


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