Don't let the Turkeys get you down
13th October 2008
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I just don't know how many billions of pounds, euros and dollars our governments will have to throw at the financial institutions to get us out form under the credit crunch. Seems like it's here to stay for a while.

Which is why I hope you will join me in my campaign to support local business.

We're lucky here in North Down to have a vibrant locally-based business community. Small businesses that have created jobs, provided goods and services and stuck with us through thick and thin.

Now it's our turn to support them in what is a pretty difficult time for all businesses.

So won't you join me in supporting the heroes of our business community, the friends and neighbours who keep the lights on and the doors open to provide us a great shopping experience and spend your hard earned monies with them when you can.

Let's support local business together.


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