Should we make organ donation compulsary?
29th September 2008
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With over 200 people in Northern Ireland awaiting organ transplants and 700 throughout GB, maybe it is time for us to accept that there is a better way for us to tackle organ donations.

At the moment, only those of us who carry an organ donor card are considered as donors. Many more of us would be happy to have our organs donated but just haven't taken time to do the paperwork.

That's why the government is considering changing the law to make "presumed consent" the norm, ie that unless we, or our relatives, opt-out of organ donation, then it is presumed that we are happy to make the donation.

I think this is the best way forward. How valuable would it be for us to know at the time of loss, that our loved-one has been able to help another person live? It won't make the loss any easier, but it seems to me that it would bring a positive aspect to our grieving if we knew the loss of our family member or friend has helped another live a better life.

If you feel that this is a positive approach to organ donation, please let our MP, Sylvia Hermon, know by emailing her at or writing to her at 17a Hamilton Road, Bangor, County Down, BT20 4LF. And take a moment to share your thoughts here as well.


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