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A brand new opportunity for the brand New Year, Fenway Storage and Removals, the best of Newmarket.
7 Tips for answering calls
7 Tips for answering calls
I thought this too good not to share. Factotum, a professional call answering service based in Exning have kindly listed 7 tips for answering telephone calls when running a business.
Do I really need marketing?
Do I really need marketing?
If you want to run a successful business, you do! Marketing is about taking goods and services from an idea to a purchasable commodity that a customer can appraise. It includes the conception of a product or service, setting a price that is acceptable to the market, establishing how it is to be taken to market and the development of a promotional strategy. Consider a shop without a shop window in which to display its wares, it may not do very well in any high street.
There are 8 new laws affecting driving that have come into effect or coming into effect shortly. Are you aware of them?
We should all have at least 2 email accounts for security reasons if nothing else, but how can you make your life easier when it comes to maintaining them all!
With businesses in Newmarket and the UK just as cash-strapped as ever, many of us may reign in the corporate hospitality budget, but in reality, 'schmoozing' with clients can make a massive difference to your bottom line.
Getting your 'brother's son's friend' to sort your website simply isn't good enough anymore – your current and potential customers all demand a top quality online presence.
A web designer and developer are usually two different people as one needs to be creative and the other analytical – do you need one or both to build or refresh your Newmarket business's website?
Whether you're a one man band or a large company, almost every business relies on its IT – would you survive if you lost vital data such as customer contact details, order details, accounts?
Looking for a solicitor?
Looking for a solicitor?
If you need sensible and professional advice you can find some right here!
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