Do I really need marketing?
26th November 2015
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Many businesses flounder because their founders are not as good at ‘selling’ the concept as they are at making it.  Running a successful business involves knowing what and when to delegate and off–load. 

You cannot do everything yourself and only once you understand that can you move forward with your business in the right way.

Marketing is your shop window

When having a shop window, you must keep it clean and the contents up to date.  If you lose track of this your customers are likely to walk on past.  You might at this point be thinking, well that doesn't affect me as I don't own a shop with a window. 

However, your website is also your shop window and just like the real thing, you must keep it clean and up to date!  Too cluttered or slow to load and customers are likely to leave your site.

Marketing can be costly and time consuming

However, professional help is at hand and this is one task best outsourced to another party, whether an external company or internal employee.  It is not something the person in charge of running the business should be doing by themselves.  This is not the best use of your time!

thebestof is a marketing tool that is at your disposal, right now

The aim of thebestof is to be a local digital shop window that actively promotes the business through as many means as are at their disposal on a day by day basis.

Not heard of it before?

Formed just over ten years ago and with over 150 operations that are boosting local businesses daily through the vigorous activities of the local business people whose personal aim is to drive success for the individual members and the Town or City in which they are working.  The achievement of ‘thebestof brand’ is evident by their success in winning a host of top national and local awards and the tens of thousands of great local businesses they have helped by raising awareness and driving great publicity.  thebetsof continues to go from strength to strength.

thebestof Newmarket will be better able to achieve greater success for all of its members as it grows in size as more and more of the business community get behind it.

So, what’s in it for me?

The oxygen of publicity. Consider that you have a great shop window, but it is hidden away from view – because of its location maybe, in order to compete with the ‘high street’ there has to be a darned good reason for folks to come past every other shop to get to yours.

thebestof Newmarket is dedicated to putting every member into the ‘high street’, regardless of location and by becoming a Community hub they are connecting a huge number of local residents – shoppers - to a growing number of business people.

A lot of potential new customers and much deserved quality exposure.

Supportive publicity - the materials through ‘thebestof’ daily updates highlighting the local businesses and what they are doing; special offers, sales, new product lines, Christmas special events and many seasonal spectaculars as and when they occur.

It is cheaper than you might think

thebestof Newmarket is a cost effective business asset at the disposal of business people in this part of the country.  Please, remember that your business is our concern, we exist to drive success and help to bring a voice to the local business, something every city needs today more than ever.

Can you really afford on passing footfall alone?  Look around you and focus on the really successful businesses for a moment and think, why are they successful?  What is they are doing that you aren't?  Success starts with the little things!

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