Do you have multiple Email Accounts?
2nd September 2015
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You might like to keep say personal mail coming into one account and business related mail into another account in order to make life easier to maintain the messages.  Do you then have to log into each of your accounts independently?

If so, if you are using a laptop to view your emails, have you considered using an Email Client such as Thunderbird or if you use MS Office, Outlook.

These allow you to read all your accounts in one place and when you open up the client it will then download your emails from all the various accounts you have set it up to read.  

Setting up

When you initially set up the client, which is fairly easy to do with the latest generation of software like Thunderbird (which is free to download and use.  Link can be found below), you will be asked if you would like to use POP3 or IMAP as the connecting protocol.

As a general rule, if you have say a tablet and a laptop or PC and you want to keep each one in sync so that if you delete or make changes to an email, all devices receive this update, then it’s best to select the IMAP protocol.

Any changes you make to your messages, marking them as read or unread, deleting, etc., these changes will be seen immediately on every computer or device that you check your email with.

As your messages are kept on a mail system with your provider, you will need to be connected to the Internet in order that these changes are replicated through your various systems.

With POP3 your messages will be downloaded to your PC and depending on your settings would tend to get removed from the mail server and hence then won’t be seen by any other devices you might then connect to, such as your tablet for instance.  As a rule you can set up the client to leave the mail on the server until such time that you choose to delete it and then once you do that it will be removed from the server when you log off.

It might sound complicated but generally speaking it isn’t.  Most times the later email clients can set these things up automatically but if you have a problem a visit to your provider’s website will usually have fairly straightforward instructions on the setup settings.

If you have problems with this, then please consult a professional for assistance.

Hope that helps and good luck.  Computers are like cars, a great tool to have and use (when they are working)!

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Thunderbird Email Client - Free email software by Mozilla

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