Why is choosing the right web designer and developer so important?
27th April 2014
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So you need a new website. Or perhaps your current site needs an overhaul.

Whatever your needs, it is vital that you choose the right person for the job. So ask yourself – do you need a web designer, a web developer or both?

This may have you scratching your head – surely they're both the same thing? No. They are actually two very different professionals, both of whom are usually needed to ensure you make the most out of your online investment.

Web design

A web designer concentrates on the visual look of your website. They will create the look, feel and branding – the front end – of a website.

They may create logos, graphics, the overall template, help decide on stock images or professional photography, and advanced elements such as FLASH.

Web development

Alternatively, a web developer is focused on the programming of your website, otherwise known as the 'back end'.

They add the general nuts and bolts and functionality you need to ensure that your customers can easily navigate, shop from and contact you, such as a shopping cart and other database-reliant automated features.

Can you find both skills in one person?

It is very rare to find someone who is both good at the graphics and the software programming needed to fulfil both roles. One is all about visual artistry whilst the other deals purely with data and coding.

However, there are still many business owners who still believe that these two skills are one and the same, and then wonder why they end up with either a beautiful website that is almost impossible to find online and difficult to navigate or a highly functional site with absolutely no visual impact.

Where can I find a company that can help?

thebestof Newmarket is delighted to have two fantastic web design specialists that can help in all aspects of design and development – Bordaline Web Design and Cubiqdesign.

Innovative, individual, intuitive design, bespoke interfaces and development... if you need a website that is as unique as your business, you need to contact Bordaline Web Design or Cubiqdesign in Newmarket.

Please click here for more information about web specialists in Newmarket.

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