Why 'Movement is Medicine' - by Bethan Timmins
26th May 2021
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I've been scanning facebook posts again (as one does!) and I saw this particular one recently which really made me sit up and think.

It's written by the highly recommended sports therapist, Bethan Timmins (of TIMMINS HEALTH & PERFORMANCE in Marston Trussell).

It made me think "so true", so I thought I'd publish it here for our readers!

This is what Bethan says:

"I spend my life treating all manner of aches and pains, niggles, and injuries. Annoyingly I suffer from a fair few ailments myself, however this means I really can empathise with clients and understand just how much they can effect you.

My biggest issue is 'hypermobility' (as shown by my elbows!). My shoulders have far too much movement in them and my left one dislocates. It also causes knee pain as the excessive movement in my knees has caused cartilage degeneration, and I also have scoliosis thrown in for good measure (my spine is bent sideways slightly rather than being nice and straight) 🦴 It's safe to say I'm a bit broken. I also have suspected EDS but that's a whole other post!

HOWEVER. I am still able to function fine in my day to day life thanks to one thing; MOVEMENT 💥 I'm not saying you have to be in the gym at 5am every day lifting the heaviest possible weights and then go and run a marathon (if I am awake before half 7 I am not a happy bunny!!), and I'm not saying it will relieve all the pain. I've had flare ups that have left me reliant on diazepam and heat packs for weeks at a time. I'm saying doing exercise little and often can keep you moving and keep pain under control than if you sit on your bum all day watching tv.

I keep it simple, I go to the gym a couple of times a week where I can (currently I'm just doing a simple full body resistance workout because I feel I don't have time to go more often and do a full push/pull/legs programme) and go for little walks when I can 🚶

MOVEMENT is what you need to do to keep going. Yes I have to do a few rehab exercises to keep my strength up in certain areas, but these allow me to live a fairly normal life despite having joints made of jelly 🍮

I've rambled a bit but my point is, MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. Moving little and often, in any way you enjoy is a HUGE way of keeping your body strong and in good condition. You've only got one, so look after it. Otherwise you might end up having to see me more often than you might like!"

Bethan Timmins

Timmins Health & Performance
Marston Trussell

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Bethan Timmins of Timmins Health & Performance is a highly qualified and respected Sports Therapist based in Marston Trussell, Market Harborough, providing assessment and treatment to all manner of sports and occupational injuries, rehabilitation programmes, deep tissue massage, with health and lifestyle advice.


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