Celebrating The First 10 years at Wistow Cafe Bistro!
5th April 2017
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Wistow Cafe Bistro

 Wistow Rural Centre, Kibworth Road,
Wistow. LE8 0QF

Tel: 0116 259 3756

The Early Years:

When I met with Jane Clifford, owner of Wistow Cafe Bistro, earlier this week, I was surprised to learn of the early years of struggle and uncertainty when she first opened up 'the small tea rooms' at The Wistow Rural Centre back in 2007.

Jane always liked a challenge, but this could so easily have been a business disaster. She had taken the keys of this dark and dingy little business just a few weeks before Easter, with pressure to open in time for the holiday weekend. It was in desperate need of some essential refurbishment and TLC, but time and a very limited budget were always against her.

The early months were a struggle with many lessons learned to meet the highest standards of customer service she so desperately wanted. There were little to no storage facilities for fresh food on site, and she would often have nothing to sell. She knew that with her skill and experience, she had to make many changes.

Jane recalls doing her planning outside because it was just too filthy and depressing inside! All she had wanted was a 'nice little business' she could run whilst bringing up her 3 children! Instead she found herself working from 5.00am - 12.00 midnight each day in order to build and keep the business alive.

10 Years On....:


But the hard work, vision and determination paid off and now, 10 years on and with Wistow Cafe Bistro thriving in its success and popularity, she looks back with pride and wonders how they all came through those difficult times.

She is quick to share credit and thank her 'fantastic and loyal team', and in particular Piera, Tracy and Lorraine who have supported her so brillantly over the years.

Ten years on, and Jane's passion and enthusiasm for Wistow Cafe Bistro is stronger than ever and she still has many ideas and plans for the future to give her loyal customers an even greater experience when they visit - starting when they celebrate their anniversary this Saturday 8th April.

So come along on SATURDAY and meet the team and share in their success with a glass of the fizzy stuff and a slice of home made cake.

Here's a message from Jane taken from the Bistro facebook page:

"This coming weekend will mark 10 years of us being at Wistow "I don't believe it!" When I first visited Wistow on a bitterly cold February Saturday morning with my friend Ken Toon to look at " something that might interest me" little did I know that it would be the start of the adventure and love of my life that is Wistow.

All in all, despite the ups and downs, I have had a ball ... meeting and working with the most amazing people has and does give me so much pleasure. It's been a privilege to share these years with you all x. Thank you to anyone that has played a part.

You are invited to share in a glass of fizz and cake this Saturday afternoon 8th April. Please join with us to celebrate."

                                       Jane Clifford - Wistow Cafe Bistro

Congratulations Jane and team - we wish you continued success for the next 10 years.

Simon - The Bestof Market Harborough

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