What should you know about bouncy castle rentals for children’s parties?
1st December 2018
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Children and adults love bouncy castles alike. No great party in Singapore ever began without a bouncy castle within the premises. Every child wishes for a bouncy house every time they get a birthday party invites. Experience tells us that they give the best leverage to fundraising events. However, they can pose a significant risk to children if the responsible parties do not manage them properly. Most of these injuries involve children falling off the inflatable surface on the hard ground, or hitting other children during bouncing or just falling on the inflatable awkwardly. That does not mean you have to let the hopeful little children down. You just need to pick a reliable party organizer and bouncy house rental company in Singapore, who can help you set up and operate these fun inflatables with utmost safety.

How to find the right bouncy castle rental in Singapore?

You can minimize the risk of injuries by hiring better quality bouncy castles, and working with party managers who have enough experience organizing parties for children. Reputable inflatable hiring companies in Singapore ensure that their bouncy houses are always under the supervision of trained company staff. Some party or event planners also provide 24/7 operational aid and monitoring to prevent any unpleasant incident involving their inflatables at the party.

There are a few points you must always clarify before you hire the equipment from a reputable company –

  1. Does the company completely comply with the safe and secure operation of inflatable for children? Do their bounce houses come with clear sets of instructions for setting up and operations?
  2. Do they follow the safety guidelines while setting up their inflatable platforms?
  3. Do their employees have suitable experience and training for setting up, operating and supervising the bounce houses?
  4. Do they have an existing insurance cover from a reputable insurance provider?

All over the world, these bouncy castles have several popular local names. So, whether you are looking for inflatable slides, bouncy boxing, slide combination units, bouncy ball ponds or pools, or inflatable slip n slide, you need to ensure that the rental company follows the given set of guidelines.

How can you safely operate these bouncy castles on your own?

If you want to save a few bucks, you might think about setting up that bouncy castle on your own. Some rental companies will allow you to select the type and color of the inflatable play unit for children before you can pay the rentals and request delivery to your doorstep. They might offer expert assembly and set up services, but setting it up with the help of your friends and family can help you save more than a few pretty bucks. In that case, it is imperative that you follow the operating instructions to a T. While DIY-ing a bouncy castle set up, ensure that you get a clear set of written instructions with the name and contact details of the manufacturers clearly mentioned on it.

What are some safety instructions you should always follow?

The set of safety instructions can vary a little depending on the manufacturer and the type of inflatable you are using, but they should at least consist of the following points –

  1. In the case of rough weather conditions including high wind and rain, you should not allow children to use the bouncy castles. Inflatables can flip easily with the children inside, and the slippery wet surfaces can result in serious injury.
  2. Keep the blower unit at least 1 to 2 meters away from the inflatable. Otherwise, the children can bounce off and hit the blower resulting in injury.
  3. Always ensure that the inflatable is tethered to a surface securely. It should be far away from fences, main roads, trees, and overhead power lines.
  4. If the bounce house has open sides and fronts, make sure to cover the hard surfaces with soft matting. Some companies provide the soft matting, if not, refer to the Bouncy Castle Rental in Singapore for more safety details.
  5. Apart from getting adult supervision, you need to make sure that the children get constant attention at the top of inflatable slides and inflatable obstacle courses. There should be at least one adult at the top tier if the bouncy castle involves climbing and sliding.
  6. There should be a strict limit on the number of children using the bouncy castle at once. Stick to the number of users the manufacturing company recommends in the safety instructions. Always ensure the prevention of overcrowding.
  7. Use a rota system for the users of different ages. You can divide the kids according to their age before they enter the inflatable. Observe a strict age limit of the users for their safety.
  8. Manufacturers insist that children should remove their footwear and other accessories with sharp ends like jewelry, belts, pens and other contents in their pockets that can pierce the surface of the inflatable.
  9. The operators and supervisors should make sure that the children do not enter the bouncy castles with food items and other toys for their safety.

It is true. Bouncy castles can turn any boring get together to a happening party for all children, but you need to take a few added steps to ensure that all users are safe and secure while using the inflatable units on your property. Apart from reinforcing the safety precautions we have mentioned above, you should find out about additional ways to keep the experience safe for all the guests at your event. Whether it is a birthday party or just another get-together, you would want people to remember the day due to all the fun they had and not due to the bouncy castles mishaps that ensued.

Children love playing on the inflatable classics including the bouncy playground, complete with miniature towers, playrooms and enough space for playing hide-and-seek. To give the kids a day they will remember forever. You should try a combination of bouncy houses, slip-and-slides, and bouncy obstacle sets. Choosing a whole collection of inflatables ensures that every child feels included, and each parent has one full day to themselves while the child has tons of fun with his or her friend in the safety of the bouncy castles. 

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