Why Are Navigation Apps So Much Popular?
13th March 2019
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The reason why navigation apps are reaching the heights of popularity is because of its use. That’s true, every smartphone these days have a navigation app installed. Also, these app is not left idle in the phone, they are used by the user time and again. It’s something needed on a daily basis. Navigation apps do not just show the directions but they also give the traffic updates and shows the alternate ways to reach the destination in the easiest and fastest ways. So, navigation apps are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

Who would like to stop while driving to ask for directions when they can get it easily with their phone? Yes, of course, none of us would want that or would do it. You just eradicate the chance of getting lost, taking a wrong turn, or having to carry a map when you have a navigation app in your phone.

It is not just for the direction but more and more mobile app development company are integrating location feature in them. Some of the popular apps include taxi booking, food delivery, social media, and many more. Here are some of the statistical facts about navigation apps that will help you understand the popularity of the app. Maybe post that, you will want to develop a navigation app of your own.

Statistical Facts of navigation app:

  •  77% of smartphone owners would be using navigation apps.
  • Google maps are the most popular navigation app and 67% of the navigation apps are using it.
  • 12% of the navigation app users make use of the Waze app for directions.
  • 25% of the smartphone owners use their favorite navigation app and don’t change as they think it provides the best features and directions.
  • 36% of the use the navigation app before leaving the location, 34% of them use while they are on the route, and 30% of them would use in both the above-mentioned situations equally.
  • 87% of the users make use of navigation for driving directions and the rest use it for cycling, walking, and public transportation.

If you want to develop the next Google map or Waze clone app, you need to know the reasons why people use their favorite navigation app. This way you can figure out how can you develop something people love.

  • 25% of people use their favorite app for clear directions.
  • 20% of people use their favorite app for their preferred features.
  • 20% of the users use their favorite navigation app for the user-friendly design and interface.
  • 17% user use the preferred app for giving the best directions for non-driving people.
  • 14% of users don’t try another app because they haven’t tried another app ever.

There is much more to navigation app than just the directions. Let me explain to you with this app called “PreParture”. It plans your entire route in a way that it becomes easy, quick, and convenient. You feed the multiple destinations you have to visit like shopping at X mall, withdraw money from Y bank, and grab food from Z restaurant. The app will plan the entire route based on which location is closer, where should you go first, second, and last. Say for example the bank is closest so visit the bank first, then take this route and grab the lunch, and then the mall for shopping. So, not only the directions but an entire travel plan is prepared by the app. 

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