How to choose the suitable cafe furniture?
19th March 2019
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The way you want to entertain customers in the café determines which type of furniture and what kind of layout will be ideal. Traditional cafes are places where people spend a long time, and you must choose suitable café furniture by browsing the website to pick up some chairs that offer maximum comfort and occupies minimal space. Remember, that the selection of furniture depends on the goals of your business and the way customers spend time. Café furniture is definitely different from the furniture used in fine dining restaurants because the expectations of customers are entirely different. Hanging around cafes for long hours is quite natural but for fine dining the time though much shorter, the expectations of customers in terms of food and furniture are quite high. But in both cases, the quality of furniture matters a lot.

Consider the customer profile

Café furniture is special because especially the café chairs determine which type of customers you are expecting. The location of the café is an important factor too in deciding the suitable kind of chairs. Although people like to spend long hours in café, it might be just the opposite if the café is located in a Central Business District. Here, most of the customers would be people working in nearby offices who want to have a quick bite or a cup of coffee in between breaks or when heading to work or on their way back. Typically, it would be a fast-paced environment and to facilitate quick turnaround times you might select nicely designed industrial metal chairs or hairpin chairs ideal for people sitting for a short while.

Bentwood chairs

The simplicity of design and ease of use together with the ability to fit into any setting make bentwood chairs a great choice. The chairs are elegant throughout the year, and its elegance is truly unmatched. The chairs come in various colours, and it is easy to match with the colour with the theme of the café. If you want to customise the chairs for something special that is also possible. The chairs blend comfort with style in equal measures and suit all kinds of budget. This is especially a good choice when you are starting up a café and want to get the best value for money when buying café furniture.

Metal chairs

When setting up a café in any business district, you can expect heavy traffic that moves very quickly and sitting with moderate comfort is what customers expect. They do not have the time to sit tight on cushioned chairs for long. In such scenarios, choosing beautifully designed metal chairs is a viable option.  Metal chairs like a tub chair have a vintage feel that nicely blends with other wooden furniture including tables.

Bistro chairs

For adding the extra bit of sophistication and creativity to your café, you can think about outdoor bistro chairs in case you have the proper setting for using it. The chairs are lightweight and stackable that you can move around the place comfortably.

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