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Exercising for fitness comes with a range of allied health benefits especially in reducing the risk of a number of diseases like heart disease.
Many of us believe that harassment in social environments ends up in schools and colleges, where, unfortunately, sometimes we find bullying.
Are you one of those fitness freaks who love to put your body in shape working out with dumbbells and lifting dead-weights at your gym?
Most of the medical issues are caused by stomach related disorders which may occur from infections, stress, antibiotics, etc.
It is said and believed that “A doctor needs to spend eighteen hours a day for seven days a week” to put up with their superhero work.
The average human body contains about 65% of water. The percentage is slightly higher for infants. Needless to say, that water is one of the essential ingredients that human's intake on a regular basis.
I bet lots of you had the same resolutions (including me) - getting fitter - getting healthier?
Run yourself healthy this year in the 10k Lincoln city run. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) in Lincoln has been chosen as the charity of the year for the run which takes place on the 7th April. Start your training now and find out how to register!!
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