Uniquely Yours: A Different Kind Of Wedding
23rd March 2019
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Every bride is different. Some dream of getting married in their grandmother’s vintage gown. Others want the traditional white gown with a cathedral train. However, there is a percentage of couples who want to make their own choices. This is where you will find the bride wearing a black wedding gown, similar or totally different like this one in the photo.

This bride wants to look stunningly unique when she walks down the aisle. It does not matter to her that her choices go against wedding protocol. It is her day and she will leave her brand.

Unexpected Venues

You would expect someone who goes against tradition with a black gown would be equally as creative with the venue selection. The selections of a location for the elegant bride in black will not disappoint you.


Cemeteries have some of the most beautiful grounds you have ever seen. The tranquility of the garden is enhanced with tree-lined paths, waterfalls, and fountains. Meticulously manicured green grass. Some have a gazebo that is rentable. Weddings and parties are sometimes booked there, The bride may want the scenic ambiance of the gardens or they may want to be near a loved one that the couple wants to acknowledge.

The Home of a star!

Do you live near a town that has the home of where a famous person lived? Give them a call. You might be surprised that there is space for your wedding. For example, the late Elvis Presley lived in the famous Graceland Mansion, when he died. Elvis will always be considered a super-star. On the back of the property at Graceland, there is a beautiful open-air chapel which is called Chapel in the Woods. Space is available for rentals. This is a perfect wedding venue, and getting married on Elvis Presley’s estate is a memory that will stay with your guests forever.  


Are you an animal lover? Do you want an outdoor wedding? If you said yes, then you should consider having your wedding at the zoo. Sure, you will have some unusual wedding guests, but it is a small price to pay. Most have a pavilion or banquet room to rent, so give them a call.

An Old Western Movie Set Town

Paramount theaters in California have a beautiful old-time western town that they rent out for weddings. This is the set where The America Sniper, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Scream, and other shows were filmed. If you want a little more action, drive to the Paramount Ranch. This is unique because you can take a driving tour through Paramount Ranch even if a movie is being filmed at the moment. Maybe you will get lucky and see a star.

Other ideas

Here are a few other suggestions for unique venues:

  • An art museum

    • This is a romantic wedding presented with famous artwork behind the coupe in their wedding pictures

  • Local Botanical Gardens

    • You cannot imagine a more perfect natural environment

  • Aquarium

    • If you live near an aquarium, contact them about reserving the aquarium for weddings. How lovely to have beautiful and graceful creatures swimming around you.


This is your wedding. You are building memories. You are defining what future generations will know about your family. Wear your black gown and stand among the gardens at a beautiful cemetery.  Let your wedding express what means something to the two of you. If you are happy, that truly is all that matters.

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