Mission Accomplished
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Bring your to-do list back under control with lifestyle management experts Mission Accomplished in Lichfield. Offering lifestyle management and concierge services - they help you get a little more organised!

Mission Accomplished


Practical Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services in Lichfield



Wouldn't it be wonderful if.....


Your life was just a bit more organised?


You were on top of your jobs list?


And you occasionally had time to do something you wanted to do rather than needed to do?


Mission Accomplished!


Time to call for help; and help is at hand - in the reassuringly organised hands of Pam Beale from Mission Accomplished Lifestyle Management in Lichfield.


01543 250953 or 07765201054


Recommended by The Best of Lichfield 



What They Do


If it sounds a bit grand, or a bit of a luxury, it really isn't, read on and see how easy it is to take control:


Quite simply, Mission Accomplished provide practical help in almost any area of your life, whether it's home tasks such as de-cluttering your wardrobe, organising childrens' party bags or sorting out your filing system,

or business tasks such as ad-hoc project assistance, research or planning the office party!


Set up in 2004 by Lichfield business woman Pam Beale, who is highly organised and very friendly (a great combination of qualities!), Mission Accomplished offer a range of lifestyle management and concierge services

at very affordable prices:


  • Help at Home
  • Obtain quotes for decorating, building or other projects
  • Prepare the house for arrival of guests
  • Wait in for a delivery, the gasman or BT
  • Check on your home when you are away
  • Find a cleaner/gardener/handyman
  • Plan and organise house moves
  • Help with Admin
  • Errands - collect your prescription, get the car tax etc
  • Establish filing systems for books/CDs/paperwork
  • Cupboard tidy and restock
  • Mailing labels for your contacts
  • Fun
  • Find the ideal birthday or wedding gift
  • Book tickets
  • Small parties and preparations for family gatherings
  • Create party invites and party bags
  • Help with Research
  • Research your house or family history
  • Plan your holiday itinerary
  • Finding someone to do a portrait, take photos, bespoke jewellery etc
  • Find homes for unwanted items (e.g. sell on Ebay, locate a charity etc)
  • Business Help
  • Create filing systems and filing documents
  • Proofread documents and check layout
  • Keep contacts databases up-to-date
  • Source suppliers
  • Mystery Shopper assignments


And here's the amazing bit... you can get your Mission Accomplished from as little as £20.00!


So, if your jobs list is always endless, or you have a specific task, or you simply want to spend a bit more time doing the things you really want to do, then call Pam on 01543 250953 or 07765 201054 and breathe a sigh of relief - it's Mission Accomplished every time!


Practical Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services in Lichfield



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