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New Year Resolutions for 2011
New Year Resolutions for 2011
Do you have a New Year resolution? Perhaps you would like to get fit, loose weight or give up smoking. Listed in this article are some great professionals who can help motivate and encourage you to carry out and succeed with your New Year resolution.
See listed some great venues for events and celebrations for New Year's Eve in Kensington and Chelsea.
Great news! The Mayor announced that there will no longer be an £8.00 a day charge for the Western extension zone. It will be scrapped by Christmas 2010!
Last Minute Xmas Designer Sample Sale takes place on Sunday, 12th December at Chelsea Old Town Hall.
Midnight Mass 2010 in Kensington and Chelsea.
Tips from Positively Slim on how to get through the festive season still feeling fit, healthy and energetic.
See details of Christmas carols and concerts taking place in Kensington and Chelsea 2010.
The Redcross annual Christmas Fair takes place at Kensington Town Hall this year. Do all your christmas shopping under one roof!
Shoots and leaves supply 'Nordman fir' premium quality Christmas trees. They can deliver and install the tress and do not ask for money in advance so you see your tree first.
The Collection, designer fashion outlet opens just across Battersea Bridge, a stone's throw from The Kings Road in Kensington and Chelsea.
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