How to feel fit and healthy through the festive season from Positively Slim
2nd December 2010
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Message from Positively Slim

Most people want to know how to get through the festive season still feeling fit, healthy & energetic.  Here are some tips to keep you feeling your absolute best!

Choose to do something active at least every other day (30 minutes or more) - this can be anything such as weight training, walking, skiing, jogging, swimming, yoga, pilates, a sport/game, housework, your favourite workout video or using the Wii.....the list is endless!  And, if you want, you can do something every day of course! Mix it up & ensure you have some rest days. 

Eat well & healthy 80% of the time & treats etc the other 20%. That's the guideline but you could eat well more than 80% if you're so inclined!

Once you are into the festive season around Christmas, New Years etc remember that going outside for a walk is still an option. (see our discussion on layering clothes)

Keep alcohol to a minimum if possible. It wreaks havoc with the good hormones you need to function when recovering from workouts & those needed for you to sleep well.  Try some parties without alcohol or have one alcoholic drink & then the next non-alcoholic so that you pace yourself.

Remember to have some down time to chill out. Too many people get caught up in the chaos of parties, shopping and errands & forget about themselves. Try some meditation or restorative yoga at home. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure or massage. Or just sit in a quiet room with some candles and just be.

Take some time to reflect on your year by writing in a journal & contemplating what you are grateful for.  A gratitude list is always nice. 

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