New Year Resolutions for 2011
22nd December 2010
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New Year Resolutions for 2011

Christmas is a great time for overindulging with eating and drinking and why not?  However, once the Christmas festivities are over and we head into the New Year, many of us focus on the things we may have put off for some time, to feel better and more positive about ourselves.  Getting fit, losing weight and giving up smoking are the most popular New Year resolutions.   So if you have a New Year resolution you wish to pursue, here are some of my fabulous Business Members featured on this site, some with special offers, who can assist you in these areas. 

Is your New Year resolution to get fit and/or to loose weight?

Power Yoga

Traditionally, yoga was always taught on a one to one basis and individual sessions with Wayne, Leal can help you progress further and faster towards your goals. His use of NLP with Power Yoga and has helped athletes to become winners by giving them the tools to focus on what they want to achieve and the process required to get there.

As Wayne say's "When people believe they can change, their attitude will ultimately frame who they are."  Wayne also teaches Public drop-in classes (£10) at Fitrooms in Fulham. Club membership is not required.  Please see special 50% discount offer on drop-in Power-Yoga classes on our Member Offer Page – click here.

Weight Loss at BodyGym
Weight loss at BodyGym is a far cry from the hours of boring aerobics you may be used to. Instead, it uses a combination of interval training and yoga asana. Yoga is still the best whole body workout and brings mental and spiritual benefits as well. Interval training is an aerobic workout that burns a lot of calories and helps your body become more efficient at burning off excess fat.

For more information please see BodyGym’s Feature.

The DeRose Method, South Kensington

The DeRose Method London provides life style coaching with emphasis on a good quality of life, relations, culture, nourishment and physical condition. Some of their tools include breathing re-education, stress management, physical techniques that improve muscular tone and flexibility, procedures to the advancement of relaxation and mental condition.
Swasthya Yoga, which is part of the DeRose Method, is based on the Tantra and the Samkhya ancient traditions, from the pre-classical period of Yoga. It uses knowledge and techniques that are more than 5000 years old.

For more information click here or to book a trial class call: 0207 129 7054

Simply Dancing Partners

Learn to dance and get fit at the same time!  Ladies will be guaranteed male partners who are trained so that they can help guide them through the steps. Men will be partnered by a girl from their team of experienced dancers. This means it doesn't take long to master basic steps and routines, and learn how to lead. Guaranteed partners are almost unique among dance schools that offer classes in Kensington and Chelsea and all over London.   Classes range from Ballroom and Latin to the Argentine Tango.   For more information click here.

Positively Slim 

Do you not have the time to attend regular classes but would like to get fit at home around your own schedule?   Positively Slim offer a holistic and intensive online programme that you can do in the privacy of your own home to guide you towards leading a healthier lifestyle forever.

Studies show that, if weight loss is to work, it needs both a positive food plan and activity. Positively Slim address every aspect of you as a human being so that weight loss / maintenance and self esteem become easily manageable.   For more information click here.

Is your New Year resolution to give up Smoking?

Bijan Daneshmand

Bijan Daneshmand is about change.  With hypnotherapy Bijan offers you the chance to kick a lifetime’s habit in one single session.  You can do it without putting on weight and the nicotine cravings and the sense of deprivation are replaced by feelings of joy and elation.  Bijan practices from both Harley Street and Chelsea.  For more information click here.

Altered Aspects

Hypnotherapy can change your life in a great many ways. It can treat phobias. It can help you stop smoking or lose weight. It can even treat deeper problems like eczema or IBS.

Break The Habit Smoking Cessation Programme is run in Barnes as well as Kensington and Chelsea by Richard McConnell of Altered Aspects.  Richard trained at the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis where he gained a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. He is registered with the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis, the General Hypnotherapy Register and the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.  For more information click here.




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