Using video to boost leads, increase sales and grow your profits
7th August 2011
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QUITE simply, if you are not using video as part of your marketing, especially on your website then you are almost certainly missing out on sales.

Video is now ‘of its time’. Bandwidth and
broadband speed make it accessible to everyone and video adds a whole new dimension to enable you to bring your business and your products alive.

Getting started with YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine, therefore it makes sense to learn how to prepare your YouTube videos for search engine optimisation.

Keywords are really key

As with all search engine optimisation it is essential that you know the keywords that are relevant to your business. Use the YouTube Keyword tool created by Google to gather the information regarding the words that people are using for search.

Titles, Descriptions and Tags

When you post a video you will be required to provide a title, a description and tags.

Title - Make sure the title contains a good keyword phrase

Description - Must also contain variations of key words and written in a compelling manner. You may also add a clickable link within the description by simply adding a URL at the start.

Tags - Just like with any blog post you can also add tags to your videos.

Once your video is posted on YouTube, you will then be able to post your video within your website, just as if it were hosted as part of your website. Note we are able to post videos into the features that we produce here at The Best of Ipswich. See a great example posted here by Elene Marsden at Corazon IT.

Using Social Media to Promote your video to a wider audience

It is most important to post to your Twitter and Facebook pages and why not VLOG about it. Video Blogging is an emerging Social Media trend and the merging of video and blogging enables you connect with people in a more engaging manner. Create a blog about the video and then link to YouTube.

As I am always one to practice what I preach, here is the new video for The Best of Ipswich Home page. Hope you enjoy and great to know that Ipswich has so much to be proud of

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