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10th March 2011
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We all hear from time to time advice telling us the best way to increase our profits is to reduce our expenses.

With fuel prices at an all time high, running a company fleet large or small from trucks to cars the cost can make a sizable dent in the profits.

So is there a way of reducing some of those fuel bills, maintenance costs, Insurance and down time if the vehicle is off the road after a collision.

Well the answer is yes and it comes in the form of “Driver Training”
Recent results have shown an increase of over 25% in MPG after some coaching, also because this about driving more effectively we actually see an increase in average speed.

This is achieved by better use of gears, anticipation and planning. We often receive the comment at the end of a session”I need to look further ahead”
We regularly see driver’s using a style of driving that was appropriate when they learnt to drive but cars have evolved over the last few decades and their outdated technique is no longer the most efficient method of driving,

So could your company benefit from a reduction in fuel costs, an extra 7 to 10 mpg could make a yearly saving of £500 per driver without a loss in productivity, yes the deliveries will still be made to your customers by more professional driver’s representing your company in the best possible manner.

Driver training ticks a lot of boxes from employers” Duty of Care” to reducing damage caused when parking, but most of all it saves your money that could make a big difference in the end of year profits.

This blog has kindly been provided by AN Baldry School of Motoring who would be more than happy to talk to you about driver training courses.

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