Horrible History for Grown-Ups
31st July 2013
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One of Ipswich's most popular guided walks of the year, the “Horrible History of Ipswich for Grown Ups", takes place on Wednesday 7th August at 7pm.

The walk is being led by the Ipswich Tourist Guides and starts from the Borough Council’s Tourist Information Centre.

Inspired by the popular children’s books and TV series, this is history with the boring bits taken out and the gory bits left in – and given a local twist.

Discover the darker side of Ipswich’s history - hangings, burning at the stake, the plague, bear baiting, grave robbers and worse. Hear about the worst job in town (the “night soil man”) and the Town Executioner, who used to strangle his condemned customers before setting fire to them. Learn the origins of everyday phrases like “The graveyard shift” and “Saved by the bell” and why locals kicked up a stink when the Corporation wanted to install the town’s first sewage system.

The cost is just £3 per person and places should be booked in advance at the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre, St Stephen’s Church, St Stephen’s Lane – telephone 01473 258070, email: tourist@ipswich.gov.uk

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