A Treat for your Teeth this Christmas
1st December 2011
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Twas a week before Christmas, and pacing the house

Was poor Mother Santa - St Nicks lovely spouse

The year was so busy there was no time to spare

For any visits to the dentist, and her routine dental care


‘I will telephone some dentists then get St Nick out of bed’

She called up our practice, ‘please help me!’ she said

‘That’s no trouble at all’ replied our receptionist right back

‘Let me book you a time so we can get you on track’


Mother Santa crept up the stairs without a solitary clatter

‘I am sorry to wake you dear’…… ‘Ho Ho Ho, that doesn’t matter!’

When she told him of her pain he was up in a flash

He rushed into the shower and got dressed in a dash


‘They were so helpful my love, but what I didn’t know..

Is this place does a care plan, it’s not pay as you go!

It will be sorted soon, and it will be much cheaper my dear

So we will still have some cash to spoil those lovely reindeer!’


‘Well come along my love, lets get going, lets be quick

I will get the boys together, get your coat on’ said St Nick

So they hopped on the sled and to the practice they came

Our receptionist greeted them, ‘Mother Santa, the name?’


‘Now darling! Now sweetie! Now tell of this plan!

Will it help me with my dental care? Please tell me it can!’

Said the receptionist, ‘it will, it’s no trouble at all

Free check ups and cleanings and x-rays for all!!!’


‘And not only that,’ the receptionist did state

‘For all other treatments, 20% off our standard rate!

For becoming a member and joining this plan

Over the course of a year you can save for your tan!!!’


‘Oh a holiday my love – now that would be nice!’

‘That’s all good in theory but what is the price?’

‘All our plan fees are discounted by 10% for a while

Which makes it more affordable for you to have a great smile!’


Harbour Dental Care’s Christmas offer to you…

10 % OFF our Care Plan Annual Fees!

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