World Fairtrade Week comes to town
15th May 2012
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It's becoming easier and easier to find and buy Fairtrade products - and every time you do, you can be sure that producers and farmers receive a fair price for their goods.

Hitchin is officially a fairtrade town, which means that many shops sell goods with the Fairtrade Mark, and many businesses, schools and churches use fairly traded goods to make their tea and coffee.

Last Saturday's World Fairtrade Day saw a stall in the Market Place, giving out maps where people can shop, knowing that they're helping others around the world.

Did you know that some of our best-loved shops sell Fairtrade products? Halsey's, Quotidian and Tastebuds are some of our favourite cafes serving tasty treats that are also good for others.

Next time you need a haircut, your tea or coffee at Farley's in Hermitage Road is Fairtrade.

Not to mention Boots, Harvest Moon, Waitrose, Stripe, Sainsbury's, British Schools Museum, Oxfam, Health Emporium, M&S Simply Food and Hedley Wine Merchants.

Whenever you shop, look out for the logo and if you're not sure log onto for a full list of local Fairtrade shops.

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