Working or on holiday?
26th August 2009
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It's great to get away and spend some quality time with the family.  We've had a brilliant time in Dymchurch in Kent, on the beach making sandcastles and bodyboarding in the freezing cold sea!  The amusement arcade has a certain pull which kept as at the slot machines inserting 2ps on the hope that we would win a £1!!!!

Even though we went away for a few days, if you run your own small business, you still need to make sure that you get someone to look after things for you.  Luckily with some help from Rick Wallington at M-Viron (Orange) we routed all of our emails through to the blackberry so we could at least reply to any urgent matters.

So as I sit looking at the sea, Keith is cooking brekkie and even though we've been up since 7.30, it's nearly 10.45 and we are still in our PJs.  I wonder what the rest of the week has in store?  Can't wait to pick up my new bracelet that I am having made by Andy at Jewellery by Design.  We've got some new members to get into the website.  Home Extension Team in Bancroft Hitchin.  If you need a loft or garage converting or want to extend your home rather than move houses, then you really should contact them.  And I shall be emailing out our invitations to our next networking evening which is on 14th September at Champneys in Henlow.  Somewhere inbetween all of this, we will be popping down to The London Dungeons!  All work and no play is definately no good - there has to be some benefits of being your own boss!

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