Wooly Winter Time!
11th October 2010
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I don't normally watch CountryFile on a Sunday night but happened to be waiting for Strictly Come Dancing Results show (which was a let down with no dance off) and was interested to see that Matt Baker (who is in Strictly Come Dancing by the way), introducing British Wool Week which is this week.

Interestingly only last week at a Women In Business Networking Group meeting in Hichin, Helen Wilson from Charles Wilson Carpets had given a talk about the demise of British Wool and how we should be supporting British Farmers.

Here is a little snippet of what Helen said. " British Wool Week campaign is backed by the Prince of Wales and British Wool Marketing Board.

Our farmers actually pay more for shearing than they get for the fleece, so it is little wonder that we are loosing a vital part of our farming community. The decline in British wools is mainly down to our throw away fashions, use of synthetic fibres and cheap manufacture from abroad. It now only accounts for 2% of the textile trade.


Wool is sustainable, natural, energy efficient and fire retardant. It absorbs airborne toxins and is unsuited to dust mites, so ideal for your home. As well as being a good insulator, good for sound absorption it is durable and warm – what more could you ask for!


Without support from consumers and manufacturers alike we stand to loose a valuable and green industry. Without grazing of our hilltops our lovely green pastures and rolling hill will become hostile scrub and our countryside a much poorer place.


So whether buying a carpet or a nice new coat please think British Wool -  it is the best in the world (don’t tell the NZ’s!)"


A really good nugget of info and one which I think many of us don't even consider.  Having listened to Helen and seen Countryfile I am now interested to see how the wool suit turns out at the tailors.  I am sure Chris Holmes from HRH Holmes & Sons in Hitchin and David Brooke from M&BT Tailors would also be in support of this!  By the way, did I mention that Matt Baker was in Strictly Come Dancing?!


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