Wondering what to do with the kids in Hitchin this week....?
9th August 2015
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Very rarely do I wish I was taller, but out picking blackberries is one of those times!

It does take me back to simpler times though, as a kid in the summer holidays I can remember boredom setting in at around week 3  - when all of a sudden we realised that blackberry season had begun!!

So Mum packed us off, pots in hand (I think we had small buckets at the time) to hunt for the biggest and best blackberries on the bush. Being somewhat competitive I was determined to be the ‘winner’ (whatever that meant).

Unfortunately I was never the tallest, and a match between short trousers and blackberry bushes did not end well for the kid in shorts. Even so, it was very rewarding, especially when a steaming Blackberry and Apple pie and custard appeared at the dinner table.

Now, even as a parent blackberry picking with your children or grandchildren can be a great adventure – and it’s FREE!!

So come on Mums and Dads get the kids out into the fresh air and please do share where the best bushes are.


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