Wilkinsons in Hitchin looks for 'Local Stars'
27th July 2011
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Is there someone from the Hitchin area who has a special talent that deserves to be recognised? Has a relative, friend or colleague done something really inspirational? Know someone from the local community who has made a significant difference to others? If so, then Wilkinsons wants to hear about it.


Each year, as part of the company’s ‘Local Stars’ initiative, which celebrates and recognises inspirational people in the community where it trades, Wilkinsons appeals for customers to nominate people from their communities who deserve to be recognised for a special talent, who are an inspiration to others, or are true heroes who help out in the area that they live.


Wilkinsons’ charity officer, Clare Phillips, said: “By nominating a family member or friend for our ‘Local Stars’ scheme, the selected nominees will receive financial support to help them reach their long term goals; be it competing at a national level in sport, obtaining a top scholarship or getting their next community project off the ground. We want to recognise these ‘Local Stars’ and give them the extra boost they deserve so they can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams”.


Current ‘Local Stars’ who Wilkinsons support include top GB athletes, talented dancers, actors, musicians and community champions, as well as individuals who have overcome personal difficulties to achieve their long-term goals.


What does Wilkinsons look for in a Local Star?

       A special talent - in sports, dance, music, theatre or a dream to do something unique

       Inspirational people – people who’ve overcome barriers in their life like disability, illness or learning difficulties to achieve their goals

       Community heroes – local community members who’ve made a difference to others in their local area


If the nominee lives in or is from the Hitchin area, has a special talent and is looking for support, or deserves to be recognised then nominate them to become one of Wilkinsons’ ‘Local Stars’.


How to nominate:

Please send applications to The Charity Department, Wilkinsons Head Office, JK House, Roebuck Way, Manton Wood, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3YY, along with photographs and any other supporting material.



Friday August 12th 2011.


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