Whose keeping an Eye On Your Property When You're Not There?
25th November 2009
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With Christmas looming and many of us starting to buy those Christmas Presents, it's also a great time of year for business for burglers!  Why steal some used goods when there are nice new things still in boxes just sitting in peoples houses?  How many of us have locks fitted to our windows and doors but never use them?  Or have an alarm but can't be bothered to switch it on when we go out or at night?  (guilty as charged).  Local Hitchin business MAC Project Services Ltd in Bancroft use combinations of the most up to date cameras and recording equipment (CCTV) to help secure your home or business. They can also tailor any combination of products to suit your needs.  I bet you are thinking that a system must be expensive?  But what price do you put on your pocessions and actually it's not as expensive as you might think.  An example package of 4 internal cameras, a DVD recording unit and monitor can cost as little as £645 and they can put together packages to suit your own particular needs.  Jo and John are a great husband and wife team.  They have recently done some work in Hitchin Town Centre helping to protect local shops and people.  Their offices are just behind Dance - you can't miss it! 

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