Who needs an excuse to eat chips?
23rd February 2014
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We're blessed with some great chippies in Hitchin and it's good to know that Murphy's loyal customers voted for them in the annual Choice Chip Awards, organised by the Potato Council. Who would you have voted for? I can't comment, as I know people involved in three of the four best in Hitchin, but where do you go for your chips? And do you only have chips on a Friday night? I'm not a fish eater, so can't comment on the quality of that, but I hear good things from all our chippies about their fish suppliers. Which, of course, opens up the debate about takeaways and restaurants in general. For many years, Hitchin has been the place to come in North Herts, because of the quality of our eateries. Many of them are independents. Do you think the addition of a Wetherspoons in Sun Street adds anything to that market or is it just another pub that will take business away from our existing great locals? Their recent planning documents suggest it will add to Hitchin Town Centre! Does anyone agree with that?
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