What Would You Do With Your Money If You Won the Lotto?
12th October 2010
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£113m is a lot of money. And some lucky sod somewhere has just won it on the EuroMillions Lottery. Not have to worry about money again? I bet they’re terrified!!

The interest of course on this staggering amount is over £8,000 a day! Let’s face it, very few people will get bank interest actually worth something – and even fewer of us will be lucky enough to receive such a massive windfall.

But who do you know who has recently received a payout or inheritance – even a more modest amount? They are probably also worrying how they will make the most of it.

Ask them if they would like a FREE review where we will help them be sure of the best thing to do and clear away their worries. Raymond James are local, dependable, discretionary investment managers – we know our clients so we care about their money like it is our own.

Susie Bewell, Raymond James Investment Services.
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