What matters to YOU in Hitchin?
21st October 2014
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It's a time of great change in Hitchin and we all have a voice. In May, we'll all (those on the electoral roll, anyway) have a vote and where you place that cross could make a difference.

If our councillors listened, what would you tell them?

Would you complain about car parking charges?

Would you try to keep Hitchin Town Football Club on Top Field?

Would you stop any plans to build on the fields between the Priory bypass, Charlton and Gosmore?

Would you look more closely at the proposed changes at the Ivory (which used to be the NHDC offices, incidentallyy?

Do you wish you'd objected more strongly to Tesco causing traffic chaos outside Hitchin station?

Until May comes, you do actually have a chance to have your voice heard.

How about finding more about Hitchin Town plans to stay at Top Field? Click here: http://www.hitchintownfc.co.uk/

There's still time to vote on the Hitchin Initiative alternative plan to car parking increases. How about starting there?

Find out more about the car parking charges and some of the other local issues on the Hitchin Forum website: http://www.hitchinforum.org.uk/



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