What does Christmas mean to you? More work or time off?
5th November 2009
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How much time have you booked off over the Christmas period?

If you’re a business owner, blocking out time away from the business can be hard to do and even harder to stick to! So this week’s question is - how are you going to make sure you have the time off you need to recharge your batteries?

You may think you don’t need any time off, or that you’ll use the time to do things like paperwork or your tax return. However, studies actually show there are many positive benefits to taking time off:


  1. You can regain up to 30% of your fitness which also helps your heart and your immune system.
  2. Reduction in stress means your body can repair itself and get back to a good equilibrium.
  3. If you manage to get away from the town, the air really is cleaner and it really will give your lungs and bloodstream a break. Apparently you should have at least 72 hours of pure, fresh air every few months...
  4. If you’re having problems sleeping (or the phone just doesn’t stop waking you up!), then time away can help  catch up on what you need. Did you know that studies have measured the effect of sleep depravation on humans and we actually cannot go longer then 3 days without any form of sleep? The body literally shuts down - permanently. That should make you think next time you’re burning the candle at both ends and in the middle!
  5. A change really is as good as a rest. “Seeing and doing the same thing every day reduces our mind's efficiency so we need new stimulants to ensure we're operating at our peak. “


In order to get the best out of our businesses we also need to be taking care of all it’s vital parts – and you’re one of them! In the same way that your car needs a service and an MOT, you need a break. 

And just how do we go about having that holiday? One of the techniques that I teach my clients is simple forward planning. Get a year calendar and mark on it all the events that affect your level of custom – school holidays, bank holidays, yearly events like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, VAT returns deadlines, Tax return deadlines etc. 

For many people dealing with consumers, holidays mean more business so its perfectly acceptable to make sure you’re around at those times. For those of us who deal business to business, holidays and bank holidays are often a great time to take off to the country. But when are your quieter times? Or when would be a good time to get cover?

Ideally you should be looking at booking off 4 weeks a year. And ideally you should be planning for next year about now. If it’s not blocked out in your diary in advance, chances are it won’t happen. How you do it is up to you... You and your business may be better suited to a few long weekends away a year.

Either way, most people started their business because they wanted more freedom. Make sure you’re giving yourself the freedom you want. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t take a holiday or that you don’t need one. Yes you are vital to your business, which is exactly why you need time off from it. 


So, whatever you’re up to this Christmas, enjoy it! And make sure you’re spending a little of that goodwill to all men on yourself...


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