What a long week
23rd October 2009
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What a long week.......

When you receive your kids school portraits, please take a little time to think about the poor photographer who's taken it. If like me they've been up since 'silly' o'clock, and travel while it was still dark to somewhere in London. That's what I've been up to since the kids went back to school. I like being busy but it sometimes hurts in the process. I'm glad I do a job that gets me up in the morning, whether it be a bit too early & chilly. I wouldn't get out of a nice warm bed at 5am otherwise. I glad I have a family who understands my job madness.

So, Halloween is at the weekend. And Bonfire Night's just round the corner. Christmas will be here before we know it. My 9 year old worked out last year in the States about Santa, which was a shame. But, this year he appreciates that 'Mummy Christmas' does more than wrap presents. She runs her own business, does Scouts, PTA events, takes him to football training & swimming lessons and everything else in between!! What did we do before the internet shopping was with us???? Run ourselves into an early grave???



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