Week Four: Toys toys toys!
3rd November 2013
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Having missed the class last week with something that my son had nicely passed onto me, I was chomping at the bit to get to the spooktacular class this week (the pod had been impressively decorated for Halloween)! This was our first week of really using toys (stability rolls and power rings to be precise). Now I never thought that lying on a foam tube could be so relaxing, opening up my shoulder blades and I was feeling quite Zen. That was the most relaxing part…lifting your legs and moving them from side to side is not very easy on something that feels like it’s the width of your spine! This took muscles that unbeknown to me I had not used for some considerable time and can still feel three days on! Our second trip to the toy box brought us in contact with a power ring or ‘clencher’ as I fondly recall it. Placed between ones thighs the idea is to squeeze your thighs together whilst doing a sit up, sounds easy enough but makes a massive difference and uses every muscle from your chest down. Although these exercises were hard, what I have noticed during my introduction to Pilates is that it makes you feel really good at the same time. If you are like me and flittered between keep fit and a Davina DVD trying to shift and tone then I would highly recommend giving Pilates a go, it has helped me with my running and is definitely having a positive effect on my mummy tummy!
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